Monday, October 1, 2007


Yeah, October!! This is probably my favorite month. WHY??? you ask. Well, the weather gets cooler, the leaves change colors and fall off the tree and it is the beginning of the holiday season. First there is Halloween, which has never been a favorite, but it is fun for the kids and with Nathan now able to understand and want to go trick or treating, it is getting more and more fun. Then there is Thanksgiving which is just a great time to get with family and friends and celebrate what we are thankful for!! Then my favorite holiday of all time, Christmas, the birth of Jesus a time to celebrate Jesus and his birth, his coming into this world. Christmas is the chance to give gifts to others and not expect anything in return a chance to do something nice for an other and that person not feel obligated to return the "favor". It is just nice to be able to give someone somthing!! Plus it is a chance to buy gifts for others, something I enjoy doing. It is just a happy time!!

The pictures are from Darlington,England

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