Thursday, May 28, 2009

Natural History Museum

Today we went with Paul's family to the Natural History Museum in Norman. The kids had a good time at the beginning but lost interest once the stuffed animals, dinosaurs, and hands on exhibits were over (so did I, I must confess). Nathan enjoyed all of the different birds and fish, and the girls just enjoyed all of the interesting things to see. We happen to be there at the right time and we were able to watch them feed the salamanders. The children's area had a lot of hands on things for the kids to see and do. Plus this is where Nathan lost his tooth!!
I love this red fox fur, it is sooo soft!!
Paul's pet skunk, we call him stinky.
Digging for Dinosaurs


Today Nathan lost his first tooth!! We were going to the Natural History Museum In Norman, OK and he kept wiggling it, even asking for a tissue to get a better grip. He wiggled his tooth for 20 minutes and while we were in line to get our tickets he said, "mom". I turned to look at him and said, "yes?" He was looking at me and holding his tooth in his hand so excited!! He did not want to give it to the tooth fairy and wanted to keep it forever, even hiding it under some books before he went to bed. He must have changed his mind because some time in the night the tooth fairy came and checked under Nathan's pillow and found his tooth. Unsure if he really meant to put it there or if it was an accident. The tooth fairy gave him 2 Oklahoma quarters. He was so cute playing with the new hole in his teeth, and drinking with his straw, but placing the straw between his teeth.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Myriad Gardens

Today we went to the Myriad Gardens and saw all of the pretty trees and flowers, of course I forgot to bring the old bread to feed the ducks, but we had a good time anyway. The kids enjoyed looking at all of the BIG fish and Nathan even got to chase a turtle off the bank into the water, Emily chased after the ducks and geese, Kayla just enjoyed the pretty day (note she has her fancy nancy purse).

Fishing with Grandpa

On Sunday and Monday morning Nathan and Paul went out to a friends property to do some fishing. Grandpa really wanted to take Nathan so he could catch a BIG catfish. They went and Nathan caught a BIG catfish. They had a good time and Nathan has a catfish whisker to remind him of the trip. I am told that he originally wanted to the entire fish, then just the head, then he settled for a whisker. He has a picture on his bookshelves to remind him of the trip.
I think I have a bite... Here it comes
Move to shallow waters to bring it in...
Look at that whopper!!!
I was told Nathan sat and babysat his fish the rest of the morning.
Sure is heavy!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Chuck Wagon Days

Today we went to The Cowboy Hall of Fame, yes I know it is not called that anymore, but I am too lazy to research its new name and frankly, I like it will always be The Cowboy Hall of Fame to me. It was a good time for all. There were pots of beans, cornbread, peach cobbler, and some brisket, just a bite per person, but they had some. There were all sorts of things for the kids to do, they could stand in line for an hour to make a rope, yes we did it and Nathan has loved it!! Paul likes Kayla's as it will find it's way into his truck. They had pony rides, Kayla was the only one to brave the wild ponies, they made a leather bracelet, a blacksmith was there and he was heating up horseshoe nails and turning them into rings. There was even a real live Texas longhorn teat the kids could sit on and get a picture. None of my kids were brave enough, but there were a lot that did it!!
Emily must sensitive ears because she kept her hands on her ears the entire time.
Making rope
After we were finished outside with all of the activities it was time to head into the air conditioned Cowboy Hall of Fame. We went straight to the kids area where Kayla dressed up and they all had a good time pretending to ride a horse. Nathan even caught a bandit...
they were serenaded by the singing cowboy, as soon as the cowboy started to talk to Nathan and Kayla they both hid in fear!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

On the Road Again

Today after Nathan's Kindergarten moving up ceremony we hit the road for OKC. About 2 seconds into the ride I heard "I'm hungry", to which my reply was, "You just had cookies and juice!" Paul and I quickly decided that we would stop at the McDonald's closest to the highway to get them fed . This would keep the I'm hungry, statement at bay for at least 30 minutes. It seems as though anytime we are on a car ride they want food as soon as the seat belt clicks. The car could still be off, but all of the sudden they are hungry and thirsty. The car trip was not terrible, but there was a constant complaint or crying, no one fell asleep at the same time. First was Maddie, then when she woke up it was Emily, then when she woke up it was Kayla, then it was Maddie again. I was sooo happy to see my parents house when we finally arrived, because it meant the kids would have less to argue about!!

Kindergarten graduation

Nathan with Mrs. Ross
This morning was Nathan's Kindergarten moving up ceremony. After the school mass the Kindergartners sang two songs then we went to the parish hall where there were cookies and juice. Nathan was presented a certificate for completing Kindergarten and his report card. The kids were also given sand buckets and some treats. It was a nice little celebration for them. I am finding it hard to believe that he will be in 1st grade next year...
Nathan and Aidan

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Houston Highland Games

There really is not a whole lot to say about this. It was fun to go to once, but we are in no hurry to go back next year.. I had thought there would be more traditional Scottish food, but there was not that much and for the price it was really small. It was fun to watch the dog heard the sheep and the way she could just whistle or say one word and the dogs knew what to do. When one dog was working the sheep the others would sit in behind and watch with their eyes fixed on the sheep and ready to get out there and help. There was one dog that was not on a leash he was older, 11, I think, and was retired form competition, but he would get up and go to help the other dogs even though he should have been sitting and watching. It was neat to see these dogs work and do what they were made to do. Throughout the day the had some traditional Scottish games including the caber toss. It was interesting to see these men try to lift this telephone pole and try to get it to flip from end to end. Some of them were able to do it, but for the most part they would drop it or it would fall backwards. It must be as hard as it looks!! There was traditional Scottish dancers, which Kayla enjoyed watching. There was some crafts and good Scottish music. All and all it was a good afternoon out and the weather was perfect!!


...there are 4 baby birds in our tress. They can fly and they flutter from tree to tree waiting for their mother to bring them their food. Nathan had his butterfly net this afternoon and was going to try to catch a baby bird so he could "look" at it!! None were caught, but he was excited to try.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

backyard graveyard...

We have a little bird that has taken up residence in out backyard called a Loggerhead Shrike. It is a pretty little bird, but not too friendly. It is the lion of the small bird world. A few weeks ago Nathan noticed it in the Oak tree and scared it off, but when he scared it off he noticed that it had left a headless bird (size of a sparrow) in the tree. Later in the evening it came back to finish it's dinner. On Sunday Paul was watering the trees and Nathan found about 15 lizard heads, no body, just heads under the Oak tree. Then last night there was a half eaten blue bird in the tree. I am beginning to wonder if we should not have planted all of these trees. Nathan has however been enjoying all of the findings. Last night he managed to get the blue birds body out of the tree and cut it up to "preserve" its wing, some feathers and a foot. He has also enjoyed collecting all of the lizard heads. If nothing else it is a lesson in the circle of life.
...I wrote that last night and after some observation (because I have nothing else to do) and thinking, I have come to the hypothesis that there is a baby shrike that has taken up residence in the Oak tree and the momma shrike is never too far away. That is why we have all of the dead animals in the tree, I am hopeful that the shrikes will fly to Mexico before the hummingbirds begin to show up, they were fun to watch last year.
Momma Shrike

The Baby, look how short its tail is??

The baby Lizard head, can you see it??