Sunday, October 14, 2007

BUSY weekend!!!!~ its a long one

Our weekend started on Friday with a 3-day weekend!! Friday was a National holiday here in Spain and Paul was off work and Nathan was out of school!!! To start the day we decided to make our Sunday breakfast which includes scrambled eggs, home fries, bacon, and toast. After eating more than we should have of, I went for a walk with Emily. Then we loaded everyone into the car and headed off to Casares, which is a white village about 30 minutes from here. It is set back away from the coast and in the mountains. The drive was pretty, lots of open fields and horses and cows for the kids to point out.
Upon arrival into Casares we saw the village at the bottom of the gorge and a castle at the top of the mountain. It is a pretty village and if we were without kids we would have walked around the town. It is very hilly with steep roads and not the most child safe place to go for a walk. After looking at Casares for a while we headed further North to see the white village of Gaucin, however half way there, you could see it in the distance and we decided to forget it and just come home. Once home we fed everyone and tried to put Kayla and Emily down for a nap, which they refused and ended up just playing downstairs. We went to the pirate ship park to let every get really tired and then home to get cleaned up and go to El Diner for dinner. El Diner is a new restaurant in Pueblo Nuevo that has American style food. The hamburgers were HUGE, the “junior” burger was the size of a normal hamburger and we all ate TOO much . It was fun and good to not have to cook and do the clean up. We did see the Dampfs at the beach and at the Diner and Tracey told me that her playgroup is having a Halloween party for the kids and she invited me to come to that. So, it looks like we have plans for Halloween!!! Thank you, Tracey! October 13, 2007 Saturday~ Today we all went on my walk. Nathan walked/ran the entire thing and Kayla, once she saw how much fun Nathan was having, wanted to get out and run, “I’m running” were her exact words. After the walk we came home and played with the toys as Paul prepared deviled eggs, potato salad, and hamburgers. Before the girls nap we (Paul, Karen, Nathan and Kayla) played a game of chicken feet. While playing chicken feet Emily was walking around and shaking the box, although she is a good walker is only 11 months and takes a few falls. Well, she tripped and ended up with a fat lip. She was very upset and not easily consoled. After some rocking in the rocking chair and being sung the ABC song from mom and Nathan she fell asleep and was put to bed. She has always responded well to being sung to, it calms her down. With both Kayla and Emily in bed Nathan has what he looks forward to the most, the attention of both his parents. We went outside and played hide-and-seek tag. Once Kayla and Emily were awake everyone came outside to have some fun in the sun and play catch and kick the soccer ball around while Emily tried to get any stray that ball that came her way. Nathan and Kayla were too fast for her and would get the ball before she had a chance to get it. The kiddie pool is still unlocked and Nathan somehow got into the pool and was a little wet, then he was ALL wet. If there is water around I can guarantee you that Nathan will find a way to get completely wet, no matter how hot or cold it is outside. Kayla and Emily were feeling a little left out so they too wanted to get wet. Everyone was in the pool and having a good time. The temperature outside was about 70F and yes the water was cool, but not freezing, they were all shivering when they came in the house!! Hay, they had fun!! We had The Grundmeier’s over for dinner and to play Sheep’s Head (cards). Ruth although jet lagged from her 22 hour flight back from the states was able to win with ease! End of Saturday…
October 14, 2007 Sunday~ LAZY DAY!!! Today is a rainy day and no one is too motivated to do anything. Today will be filled with games inside, coloring, cutting, and taping for Nathan. Nathan LOVES to use tape for anything. If he did not go to school he would use and entire roll of tape everyday, no kidding. Emily is feeling better today, her lip is not as puffy and she is eating, drinking, and putting things in her mouth as though nothing is wrong. Nathan has been getting a cold the past few days and is very congested, I need to get over to Gibraltar to get some medicine, but am having trouble getting excited about fighting the traffic and long lines in Morrisons.

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