Sunday, December 21, 2014

Texas and Luke's Baptism

What a great weekend!!  This weekend we left OKC and headed down to Texas to visit with friends and have Luke baptized.  Friday we visited with our previous neighbors and  then spent the night with our friends that were the kids surrogate grandparents when we lived in England and Spain.  It was a night of laughs and good conversation.  Saturday we had lunch with Reagan's godparents, who have a pond for fishing, chickens for chasing, dogs and cats to play with and horses feed and try to pet.  For dinner we met up with Luke's godparents and the kids had friends to play with!  Sunday was church and Luke's baptism.  Luke's baptism was a wonderful ceremony.  We were blessed to have friends in attendance as we welcomed Luke into our church family.  After the service friends gathered back at our friend's home for snacks and drinks.  The kids were able to run and play outside while adults talked and caught up.  Thank you to everyone that came to help us celebrate and a HUGE thank you to Thumper for putting so much work into getting things ready!!!