Friday, October 5, 2007

It's Friday!!!!

What a week!!! On Monday when dropping Kayla off at Nursery she was complaining about going and was saying that she did not want to go. After a few minutes and a kiss from Emily she was feeling better and was a little less hesitant about being there. Nathan was fine when I left him at school this morning full of “I will try to remember” and saying good bye. He likes to ask what time I will be back to pick him up and I always tell him after the girls nap, he then responds with “is that 2:30 or 3:30”. It is pretty cute. It was as though they switched places this morning. Why can’t they both be happy to go to school at the same time? Kayla continued to cry on Tues. and Wed. when I dropped her off at Nursery. I hope that this does not continue. Yesterday I took Kayla and Emily to Gibraltar (Gib) to do some shopping. I have been searching for a dress for Emily to wear for David and Katie’s wedding and was able to find one at Mothercare (this was one of my favorite kids clothing stores in Darlington, I sure do miss Darlington). Kayla and Nathan are in need of a new wardrobe as I have no winter clothes for them. I found a pair of boots for Kayla which she wore ALL day, she wanted to wear them while taking a nap, and the only way I could convince her to take nap was to set the boots on the bedside table so that they were right there for her. It was a good day and I spent far too much money on clothes, but it was a one stop trip and I now have a few things for the kids to get me through. I do not know what we are going to do for Halloween this year. I would not even know where to take the kids. I need to talk to some of the mom's in Nathan's class and see if they know of anything. As far as a costume I am going to have to see what Nathan has his heart set on being, and Kayla will probably be a princess, then she will have a princess dress to dress up in. I am a little creative, but creating a costume, that is FAR more creativity than I am able/willing to attempt. On Wednsday/Thursday Nathan got a bite from something above his right eye and it has gotten more and more swollen. I think by this afternoon the swelling should start to go down a bit, hopefully. His eye was half swollen shut this morning, poor guy!! He has been enjoying school more and more everyday. Still a little anxiety in the morning, but nothing as bad as it had been. Kayla likes to say the word “Amigos”, not necessarily in the right context, but likes to say it, “hello cows, amigos”. Emily has started clapping, she will start to get excited and will wave her arms up and down, then Kayla will say “yeah, Emily” and clap. This will in turn trigger something and Emily will make noises and continue waving her arms while intermittently clapping. Pretty cute!!

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