Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lidle, Pansies, and Lunch

One more night alone!! Paul gets home on Friday night around 11:30PM. Today I went for my walk with Kayla and Emily and on the walk Kayla wanted to get out of the stroller and “run”. So, out she came and off she went. It was fun and when she tired herself out she said “that was good exercise!” After our walk we came back to the house to pick up Ruth Grundmeier to go to Lidle to look at their Halloween decorations and then to the garden store just to look around and see if they are selling pumpkins. Unfortunately no pumpkins, but I did buy a few pansies to plant in the garden in hopes of getting some color out there. When we finished at he garden store we went to the beach to play at the park for a bit before heading off to the Diner for lunch. The beach had been cleaned up and there was not near the amount of rubbish covering the ground, still dirty, but cleaner. We went to El Diner for lunch and ate too much but it sure was good. I had a California chicken wrap with some zucchini fries, which everyone had raved on and on about. Well, I did not like the taste of the zucchini fries. Then it was time to get the girls to bed. It was a good LONG morning and fun to get out and explore.

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