Saturday, April 9, 2011


This is what I have found to fill my time while I was away from blogging...

Friday, April 8, 2011

4 Months Old

Today Reagan is 4 months old!!!! At her Doctor appointment she weighed in at 14 pounds and 10 ounces (78%) and she is 25 inches tall (75%). At the doctor she received two shots and Emily cried more than Reagan. Emily started crying when the nurse came in to give Reagan the shots and did not stop until it was time to leave. Reagan is a VERY happy little girl, full of smiles and little giggles. She loves to chew on her hands and fingers. No thumb sucking and I am hopeful that she will skip that and just be a fist chewer. She rolls all over the place I lay her on her back and she automatically flips to her belly and then to her back, then her belly... She is starting to pull her head up and likes to sit in the tripod position with help. Reagan is a wiggly girl and I think may be an early walker. When she is on the floor on her belly she will pull her legs in and tuck her head almost on all fours. For not crawling or walking she gets around pretty good. Reagan will take a short nap in the morning (30-45 minutes), than a long nap in the afternoon (2 hours), than one more short nap in the evening (30-45 minutes), than bedtime around 9PM. She will fall asleep and the only way to keep her asleep in her crib is on her belly, If you lay her down on her back her eyes pop wide open!! She is a curious little one and like to be in on the action always wants to see what is going on. Reagan was over her stuffiness finally, until we went camping. Friday night I noticed she was getting stuffy and when we woke on Saturday her eyes were puffy and she was congested, here we go again. I am ready for her to be over it, when she is stuffy she does not sleep very well, which means I do not sleep very well. Happy Birthday to Reagan!