Saturday, September 3, 2011


This evening at bed time, while we were reading books, it started  to get dark and the lighting and thunder started.  As the clouds moved in Nathan was getting excited about the prospect of  rain.  The kids kept looking out the windows and watching the lightning and listening to the thunder, it was a welcome sight.  At least I thought it was a welcome sight.  The kids excitement turned into fear as the thought of going to bed with the lightning and thunder finally hit them.  Emily was the first with the tears and crying about "it's too scary"  This then upset Maddie and Nathan started complaining that it was too scary and he could not go to bed.  Maddie settled down quickly, but Emily kept on (she is the dramatic one).   This upset Kayla because she wanted Emily to stop crying/screaming about the rain. After a while everyone settled and fell asleep, but what a night!!  No Reagan did not sleep through it, she was awoken by Emily.  It was a nice rain fall and we had almost 2 inches of rain.  HOORAY!!