Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Last night we were upstairs playing and just enjoying watching the kids play together. i was trying to get Emily to show Paul how she could say Lucy and Sophie, this then turned into everyone trying to get her to say words. Kayla asked her to say "pillow". Emily responded with what sounded like "dude", everyone was laughing even Emily and thus began a new game...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mockingbird Manor

Last week Nathan noticed a bird carrying twigs around the yard and came in from the back yard to let everyone know that there was a bird building a nest somewhere!! So by Friday of last week I was watering plants and checking to see how they were doing and noticed a nest in the crepe myrtle tree. I was surprised, mainly because this tree is only 5 feet tall and right next to the house!! As the days progressed eggs have been appearing, first just one, than two and today we are up to 3 eggs. Nathan has enjoyed going out there and keeping watch. I am trying to limit the kids time out back so that the little birds stand a chance at surviving!! Keep posted for further updates...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

See Me Beautiful

The mother of the girl in front of Nathan had recorded this and posted it to YouTube. It is a video from their Kindergarten moving up ceremony. Enjoy!! Towards the end (around 2:30) you can hear Maddie chime in with a ba-ba-ba.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tea Party

Kayla and Emily were invited to a "Beary" Tea Party yesterday (it was a birthday party for a girl in the neighborhood). Nathan was also invited to come and play with her brother. I will just say it was a FANCY tea party. When we arrived the birthday girl had on her hat and gloves. Kayla and Emily were escorted to a table where they could pick out a pair of gloves and their own hat. There was also make-up they could put on and finger nail polish. There was a make-up table with a mirror and a powder puff that had sparkles on it for the girls to put on their faces to make themselves sparkly. After the girls were all done getting ready for the tea party there were some songs sung, and then they were given a teddy bear that they could pick out a dress for and get it all fixed up with bows and hair clips. They named their bears and Kayla named hers Ava, and we are calling Emily's Clair Bear. The girls could even blow dry their bears hair if they wanted to. Once their bears were ready it was time for the tea party. They had sandwiches, muffins, fruit, marshmallows, and of course tea!!, but not just any tea, oh no, it was apple "beary" tea!! Then they played some more until it was time time for the cake, but instead of a cake each person was served a cupcake made to look like a tea cup. It was a fun time and very cleverly done. Nathan had a good time playing with Drew and they were sent on a mission by Mr. Smith to try to sneak downstairs and try to steal a marshmallow without getting caught. I am not sure how successful they were, but they sure did try!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

week 1

This week the kids had swim lessons and while I had to listen to the usual this is boring, I do not like swimming lessons, I did this last year, I don't need any more lessons! They went and had a good time. The first day Kayla cried a little bit, but once the teacher had her in the water and they were having fun there were no issues. It was a good first week.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


We had some aphids on one of the hibiscus plants and I thought for fun I would buy some lady bugs to release and let them eat the aphids. So, last night we released them onto the plants. The kids had a blast watching them crawl out of the bag and fly around. There were far too many (2000 in a little bag) to put on just one plant so we took them to the front flower bed and released them. They were everywhere, crawling up my arm, in the girls hair, under our feet, and one even flew into Nathan's mouth. They had fun and when we checked this morning the lady bugs are still there!! Crawling all over the flowers. The next science project will be to buy some caterpillars and watch them change into butterflies.
The Next Morning...
Nathan collected some for his bug habitat, they were still eating this morning.
The last lady bug on the hibiscus (it did not help that Nathan pulled all of the flowers from the plant to feed his ladybugs in the bug habitat.
Kayla keeps watch as we release them back to the wild

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

charity case??

OK, I am really not trying to brag, but my kids are able to get more free stuff not necessarily good stuff, but stuff!! It is crazy. A few months ago at the Houston Rodeo Emily was suppose to pick put 1 thing from the play general store to keep and she left with 4 things all because the woman working was afraid to make her cry!! When we were in OKC we stopped in a Hallmark, they were give a Webkinz, one each, even Maddie, that is four Webkinz. Then Paul's mom took Kayla and Emily to a thrift store and they were given two beanie babies, that makes 4 Webkinz and 2 beanie babies, Then this past weekend we were at an antique shop and the owner was letting them play with some bracelets (not old) and they were putting them back but Kayla was saying, not whining or throwing a fit, just VERY quietly saying she would like to have the bracelet. I told her that we were not going to buy the bracelet and she has plenty of bracelets at home, the lady looked at Kayla and asked her, "do you want that bracelet??" She quietly shook her head, "yes" and the woman gave it to her. Paul and I were teasing that we should try to get them to want a table or a dresser, why do they have to want stuffed animals and bracelets.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Trying to get a family picture...

While we were home visiting we tried to get a family picture this is what happens...
Take 1

Take 2 Take 3

Take 4 Take 5

Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby Emma

We met baby Emma on our trip to OKC and she is just too sweet.
2 of the 3 Emily's