Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Time to make the cookies!!

Yesterday we started to cook the traditional Halloween cookies. Kayla decided for the second day in a row that she would rather not take a nap. This was fine because it gave me a chance to make the Halloween cookies with them without worrying about what Emily was getting into or where she was. While Emily napped Nathan and Kayla helped me cut out cookies and bake them. While we were baking the first batch of cookies I was turning the tray around to get the cookies cooked evenly (our oven cooks hotter in the back than in the front) and the tray of cookies slipped right onto the floor. Don’t worry, Nathan was there in a hurry to help “clean” them up, all but 8 were “cleaned up”. I am so lucky to have such a good helper!! I decorated the ones that I am planning to take to the Halloween party today and the rest were decorated by Nathan and Kayla this morning.

After breakfast it was time to decorate the Halloween cookies. Nathan did amazingly well this year I am surprised at how different his cookies look compared to last year. Kayla’s on the other hand look as though they were done by a 2 year old. They had fun and after Nathan had put his bowl of chocolate chips in the kitchen he kept “needing” to go to the kitchen to sneak them.

Can you guess which is Nathan's and which is Kayla's?

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