Friday, February 27, 2009


Spring is here and I am loving it!! I just hope the weather does not get too hot too soon. I am sad to say that I had the upstairs air conditioner on today. It is always so hot up there. It is nice outside not too hot yet and good to see all the trees getting leaves, the crepe myrtles getting their flowers and tulips in the stores. I have planted some flowers in the front and am looking to do some more. It is nice to have a yard to plant in, now we just have to find a patch in the back yard to start a garden. Here are a few recent pictures of the kids...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I am currently trying to break Maddie of her thumb sucking habit. She has sucked her thumb red and the nail is thinned out at the base from being wet all of the time. It is not going as well I had hoped. It is hard to enforce a no thumb sucking rule when you can not leave the thumb behind, or just throw it away, never be seen again. I have been putting a sock on her hand at night, but she just takes the sock off when she needs a fix. During the day I am able to control it better and have bought some pacifiers, dummies, binkies, whatever you may call them to help with the day time, she does not like the pacifier, but if she is tired enough or I have worn her down I am able to get her to use it. It is a battle I have a feeling that she will win this one, but time will tell how long I am able to keep up the fight. Wish me luck...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Kayla!!

Monday was Kayla's 4th Birthday!! Unfortunately she was sick and laid up in bed. I took her to the doctor for her 4 year old check up and she was given 3 shots, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! The nurse did feel bad for having to have to give her 3 shots so she gave her some band-aids, gloves and a tongue depressor to take home to play doctor with her dolls. Then she went to school and when I picked her up from school she was not feeling very well. She felt sick in the car and with nothing to give to her to throw-up into, I gave her Maddie's blanket, that way she could at least try to contain it. When we got home I put in a movie for her to watch and hopefully fall to sleep. It worked she fell asleep and and slept practically all night. I kept her home from school the next day and while she was feeling better, she was not great. Kayla did throw-up in the car on the way home from taking Nathan to school, luckily I had a cup in car just for that situation. I have learned to keep a Joe's cup handy when a child is ill (I will tell you about that in another post). She took a nap that morning and was feeling much better after her nap. Kayla felt so much better in fact that she had her birthday cake and opened her presents. She has an aversion to peanut butter at he moment, but other than that she is back to 100%.

So Sweet

Kayla has not been feeling well and was laying down in bed. Emily went upstairs to see what was going on and saw Kayla asleep in her bed with her shoes on and no blanket. So being the loving sister that she is she took off Kayla's socks and shoes and put a blanket on her. It was quite a sight to see Emily trying to get Kayla's shoe off, Emily was pulling Kayla's leg all over the place trying to get it off, but Kayla never got upset. It is times like this that make it all worth while!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Arrival

Today after many hours on the Internet and going to a few PetsMart's and animal shelter's (the politically correct way to say pound), we have finally found a kitten for the family. We found her today at an animal shelter about 45 minutes from our house. She is a sweet little girl that would come to the front of the cage when you called her, but would stay in the corner sleeping the rest of the time. She was always purring and just has a face that makes you want to love her. She is somewhere between 6months and 1 year old. We will pick an age or the vet will give us a better idea when she goes for a check up in the following weeks. The kids are in LOVE!!! Kayla and Nathan especially can not get enough of her. I do feel bad because I feel like we have given them a new toy and said look, but do not touch!! They just want to play with her, but she needs to explore and figure things out. She has tolerated the kids very well, will come when you call for her and loves the attention, she will also run a way when it suits her as well. She is getting use to the house and trying to figure it all out. She is a VERY loving kitty always purring except for when I gave her a bath. I had to, in the pound the cats are crammed into those tiny cages and their only place to sleep is the litter box. It is very disgusting. I keep calling her a she because we have not come up with a name, although in Nathan's mind she WILL be called Sally. I am kind of partial to the name of squeakers, because that is what she sounds like when she meows. Kayla and Emily are not too picky as long as they can hold her and pet her. Here are a few photos of Sally (we all know that Nathan will win)...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Good Morning

This morning (6:15) as I was in the kitchen at the sink, I looked out our windows and saw the moon, so pretty. Then I looked out the window in the back door and there was the sunrise. It was a strange feeling to see both of them at the same time. When does night end and day begin??

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This weekend Maddie learned how to wave hi!! I am not sure if that is what she is really doing, but she will wave at you when you wave at her and the word "hi" needs to be said as well. Here is a little video of her waving "hi". and yes, I know I said "waving down the float", you know what I meant though!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

He scored!!!

Nathan had another soccer game today and he scored their only goal. The score today was 1-1, I do not think we are suppose to be keeping score, but Nathan scored his first soccer goal!! He also had a great kick when he was playing defense, he kicked the ball from one end to the other end of the field. He is getting better about attacking the ball and getting in there. I do not know where he gets his energy from, but he is always running all over the field chasing after the ball.

The "kick"


broke away from the pack... SCORE!!! The other little boy did not take defeat well!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

First Soccer Game

Today was Nathan's first soccer game, they won 1-0 It was fun to watch and Nathan had a good time. Nathan could not stop talking about how he wanted to play soccer every day on the weekend. I am excited to watch him get better each week. He is on a pretty good team and they all play well together.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Here are a few pictures that Emily took and then a few from Kayla's camera. It has some fun features that you can use to "enhance" your pictures. First pictures from Emily~
Now for fun~