Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Son...

Nathan has spent most of the day wiggling his tooth and trying desperately to get it out. Well, he was successful!! At school they have a chart and if you loose your tooth during the school year you get to put a tooth on the tooth chart for the month. He lost 2 teeth last summer and none during the school year. With the year being over in 1 week he was getting desperate to put a tooth on the chart. Well, the tooth was not 100% ready to come out, but he was ready to pull it out, so out it came.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A New Addition!!

We are happy to announce that in December we will be having an addition to our family. I am pregnant with baby #5. While not a complete surprise, it was not as planned out as the others were. We are excited and looking forward to a new baby in the house. Kayla is VERY excited and I am wondering if I should have waited 5 more months before telling her. She did ask me, "Mommy how do change the babies diaper when it is in your belly?" That was cute, so with fun questions and lots of "gifts for mommy and baby, we are preparing for baby#5. I am hopeful that in a few weeks I will be feeling better and will be able to entertain you all with fun posts that do not relate to birds, so until then.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finch Nest

So this weekend I was sitting on the porch and Nathan said, "Mom, there is a bird in your flower basket". I said, No way!! So I shook it and nothing happened then I started to swing it back and forth and a little momma finch flew out!! Upon closer inspection I noticed that there was a nest with three little eggs in there. I guess they do have a nest around here! It has been fun to hear her chirping while I am working on the computer. The only thing is that when I have to water the flowers, she is not too happy about that either, but she flies off then back and forth trying to get me to leave, I have not been attacked yet, but we will see. I just have to be careful to avoid the nest.
dad i see you!! she was a little mad after I watered the flowers

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We have a variety of birds in our yard as of lately. there have been a few humming birds flying around and a new family of blue birds has moved into one of the bird houses. We have seen our friends the dove, the red winged black bird, a pair of finches has been around, I think they may have a nest around somewhere. Funny enough they have been eating the hummingbird food as well. Starlings have made a nest in out roof, and Paul has been trying to get them out, but where they are they are just not reachable.


Mr and Mrs Blue Bird
Mrs Blue Bird
Sally waiting to get there and attack the birds!!!