Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another weekend....

Saturday~~~ Hooray for Saturday!! Paul is home today and he has been wanting to go to El Corte Ingles in Algeciras, so, we left to go t here at 9:20Am and stopped by the post office to pick up a package from Paul’s mom. It was a box of Halloween goodies!! I am pretty sure that I will have them all eaten by Sunday as Paul leaves tomorrow morning to go out of town. I have a sweet tooth that keeps me festively plump all year round!! El Corte Ingles is a very posh store with Polo, Ralph Lauren, and many other European designers. Needless to say we did not do much shopping mainly just browsing, I could not bring myself to pay 57 Euros for a dress for Emily, no matter how cut it was!! As I am not a “shopper” I was ready to leave about 10 minutes after entering the store. Once we had left and were on our way home we took a slight detour through La Linea so as to take Nathan and Kayla to McDonalds for a special treat. They were excited, but not as excited as Paul when he ordered a cerveza (beer) with his meal.

After Kayla and Emily’s nap I was busy cleaning this filthy house and Paul took all of the kids to the pool area. Nathan was the only one that wanted to swim, in the beginning, however it was not long before Kayla was in the water as well. Emily kept going in the gate and trying to get to the water before her daddy grabbed her and pulled her back out of the fenced in area. Paul, finally tired of walking back and forth to the gate of the pool area to get Emily, shut the gate. Emily was not happy about this, but it kept her busy for the next 3-5 minutes (which is a LONG time when you are 11 months old) trying to figure out how to get in the gate!! Pool water~ good for drinking or pouring on your head

Emily has perfected clapping her hands whenever she hears you say “Yeah, Emily”. You do not even have to say Emily, you could say Yeah, anyone and she will clap, I have her trained!!! She has started “dancing” when she hears some music or the words “dance, dance, dance” she will start rocking back and forth, pretty cute. Neither of these are on video due to the fact that every time she sees the camera she goes for it and tries to eat it, everything goes in her mouth!! After the pool it was dinner at the Grundmeier’s and cards when the kids went to bed!!

This morning Paul left for Paris, France. He will be there all week for a class required for work. I am not looking forward to the rest of the week, so far today has not been too bad, and hopefully with the kids in school the week will go by in a flash!! I am ready for Friday to be here, however with him gone I have all these high hope of getting things accomplished; calendars for grandparents, baby book, pictures put in books, journals written in, and baby blanket worked on. I will be surprised to get half of that done, but time will tell. Speaking of time, Emily has just woken from her nap, so I am needed. Until later… I am back the kids are resting and I am going to get things done. After Emily’s nap we headed off to the pirate ship park, where it was obvious that they are no longer grooming the beach for the tourists. The beach was cover with all types of rubbish. After a short stroll on the beach we went to the pirate ship to play, play, play!! At the pirate ship Kayla and Emily enjoyed swinging while Nathan played pirates, after a while, it was just fun for everyone to play in the sand. Emily had a good time trying to climb up the slide, which she was never able to do. It was a good break in the day and a good way for them to release some energy.
Nathan, Emily and Kayla playing at the "pirate ship park"

Kayla and Nathan with the "nest" they made out of bamboo

a fort that someone had made out of the rubbish (trash) on the beach A VERY Dirty Beach!! (watch where you step!!)

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