Thursday, October 11, 2007

Horses, Cows and a Toy Store

Today after taking Nathan to school I went for mile 4 mile trek into the countryside with Kayla and Emily. On our walk we saw some horses (cabello) and some cows (vaca). Kayla enjoys saying hello and good bye to the animals, she calls them her friends. Kayla is getting more and more talkative, there are times when Nathan and Kayla fight over who was talking first and Nathan is quick to not let her get a word in, the word “stop, stop, stop” is often heard in these arguments. After our walk, we drove out to Carrefor for a few groceries, and then it was off to Toys R Us. I am still able to take Kayla into the toy store and not have to buy a toy for her to keep her happy. We were looking for Halloween costumes, I am not sure if we will have anywhere to go, but I am going to dress them up and take a few pictures for fun anyway. I was able to find a fairy princess outfit for Kayla and there was a treasure chest that contained about 4 costumes in it, so that was what I got for Nathan. He can be a cowboy, pirate, ninja, or a knight. I am hoping for the cowboy, but time will tell. I was unsuccessful in finding a costume for Emily, but did find a pair of shoes for her, not that she will keep them on, but I have bought them and will to get her use to wearing them. She is quick to pull her socks off her feet and I have given up trying to get her to wear them unless I am getting her out of the car and she doesn’t have a chance to try to pull them off. After Toys R Us, Emily was getting dangerously cranky, but I was on a quest to go by the flower shop to buy 2 plants and to look at their Halloween decorations. The decorations were not what I was after, but I did end up with a Christmas cactus and an azalea. I am hopeful that I will keep them alive and not allow them to die, as I have a tendency to forget about plants and not water them. I guess I think the magic plant fairy comes every night and cares for the plants. Once home it was lunches and naps. After that my day was pretty normal, pick up Nathan from school at 3:45pm then get dinner sorted and time for bed!!! Just another day….

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