Friday, September 26, 2008

a doll...

While shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond the other day two elderly ladies were taken by Emily and just kept saying that she looked just like a doll, "she should be under some one's Christmas tree". It was just too sweet they want to touch her and hold her, but she was having none of it!!


Madeline is more and more alert. She will smile at anyone that comes close enough for her to figure out what you are and she will try to talk to you, lots of cooing. She is getting BIG and I am anxious to get to the Dr next week to see what she is weighing in at. Anyway, here are a few pics of her. The picture of her feet is for you Shannon, enjoy!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Gram and Pop

Gram and Pop Cook were here fro a quick visit and to to be here to help celebrate Madeline's baptism. They arrived on Friday around 4PM and after fighting traffic we made it safely home. The kids were excited to see them and had a great time playing. It was a nice visit and we all survived even with no AC (or electricity for that matter). Saturday we went to CiCi'sfor the pizza buffet, where Nathan discovered the joy of dessert pizza. Then it was time for the daily trip to the grocery store for ice and whatever you wanted for dinner. We found as parking space and all went in but me and Maddie as it was her lunch time. The store was packed with people and everyone had their 1-6 bags of ice to take home and "refrigerate" their food. I was told there was little to no meat and there was only one option for Mayonnaise. I thought it was because of people buying things to restock their refrigerators, but later found out that the store was running on a generator and that is why they had limited amounts of refrigerated/frozen foods. Upon returning home Emily took her nap and afterwards the kids played in the water to cool off. Sunday was spent hanging around the house and trying to stay cool. Madeline was baptised at 2:30 in the afternoon and we went to eat afterwards. This was a great break from the heat of our home. After the baptism and a late lunch we came back to the house for cake and to play outside. Monday morning we sat on the front porch and stayed cool. The hummingbirds kept us entertained all weekend as they would chase each other around the house and try to dive bomb any other hummingbird that would try to drink from "their" feeder. It was a fun weekend, just sorry it was so short!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Amidst everything going on here in Houston post hurricane Ike, Madeline Grace was baptised on Sunday, September 21st. Mom and Dad were able to fly down and join us in this special day. We are thankful to have Jennifer and Scott as her godparents. It was a nice baptism and we are happy to welcome Madeline into God's family.


During the baptism Emily sang songs from the hymnal to Gram and Pop...
After the baptism we came home for cake. Well, Emily ate the cake and fed the ants. She had cake everywhere, so I took her to the faucet and tried to wash just her hands and face, but she had other plans...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

long time...

It's been a while. Well, where to start?....With two kids in school and only trying to keep up with Emily and Madeline, who you can be pretty sure will be in the same spot you left her in unless she is within Emily's reach, then you will hear her cries for help, I am able to get things done. I have been busy shopping for bedroom furniture and things to decorate the house with. I have painted the master bedroom, hung pictures around the house, and hung curtains in Kayla's room. We (Emily, Madeline and myself) have made countless trips to Bed Bath and Beyond, Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, and the mall. I have purchased new linens for the master bedroom, frames, pictures, and a new bedroom suite, which will arrive on Sept 13!!
Emily is adjusting to the new routine without Nathan and Kayla here during the weekday. So much that I had a doctor appointment on Thursday and she was in a cranky mood all day because her morning routine was not the way it was suppose to be. She is quite the stubborn little one and you may even say defiant. If there is something that she does not want to do, she will not do it. She is learning what time out is all about and the consequences of her actions. She likes to hit and on an occasion will bite to express herself. She also is sweet, she LOVES her little sister and will smother her to give her kisses and love her. She is quick to make sure Madeline's socks are off her feet and to cover her with a blanket. She likes to hold her and will on occasion try to pick her up, or move her to put her head on a pillow. She is trying to help, but I have to be careful where I put Maddie when Emily is around. Emily enjoys our walks and likes the animals, she likes to scare the birds out of the backyard by yelling as she runs right towards them. When we are in the car and there is music playing if I start to sing along she will, on occasion, hold her hand out and yell her version of "stop". I just laugh and wait a little than sing some more just to hear/see her yell stop at me. Yes, I know this will come back and haunt me when she is yelling stop at me at an inappropriate time, like in church. She enjoys singing in the car as well, and will sing along to the music, it is too cute. She also has found her voice and is saying more and more words, hard to believe she is almost 2 years old.
Madeline, also known as Maddie is getting BIG, her little legs are getting more and more rolls, her face is getting more pudgy, and her fingers are no longer pretzel sticks, more like little-smokies!! She is awake for longer periods of time and her eyes are getting bluer. She has lost some of her hair, but she still has more hair than any of our other children did at 7 weeks. He seems to be more awake at night when the others have gone to bed, as if that is the only time she can relax and just take it all in. Madeline will be baptised on September 21, here in Houston. That is about all that is new with her, not much happens in the life of a 7 week old baby. Eat, Sleep, Diaper Change, Stare around for a while and do it all over again...
Nathan, has made friends at school which has been nice because he is enjoying going to school and does not hesitate to walk himself to his classroom. He gets to play with Jake and JT a few times a week which is good for him to have that outlet after school. I would like to get him involved in some other extra curricular activity, but I am having trouble figuring it all out. All in time! Nathan is a big help with things around the house, I almost feel bad about always asking him to do things and not Kayla, I just don't trust her the way I can trust Nathan to do things, because he is older!!
Kayla continues to be hesitant about going to school, she no longer cries, but is not excited about going. Every day when I pick her up she tells me "I saved my lunch.", then eats what is left of her lunch in the car. She is in the terrible 3's, which for the record I think three year olds are more difficult than 2 year olds. he continues to be a bossy little girl and LOVES to tattle on others in the hopes of getting them into trouble. Kayla likes to talk as though she is 50 year old full of knowledge and knows all there is to life. It is pretty cute when she gets in one of her moods and talks about everything and anything. She tends to make very little sense with her stories, but it is fun to listen to.
Paul has been busy with work and getting involved in a few of the groups with the school and church. Which has meant quite a few meetings last week and this week at the church for the groups. I know he has been looking forward to getting involved and it is good for him to have something outside of work to meet new friends. That is the update to our lives, I hope all is well with everyone and your lives are as full as ours are!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Kayla Rose Hellen
June 2006~ 16 months
Darlington, England

Emily Clair Hellen

August 2008~ 21 months

HOuston, Texas

So Sleepy...

This morning I was folding the wash and I sat/propped Madeline up on the pillow. I guess she found the experience of folding laundry quite boring because it put her to sleep.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ask your father

The kids ask me for things ALL of the time. They will look all over the house to find me to ask me a question. They will walk past their father and ask; "Where is mom?" Once they have found me and ask their question I have found myself saying the phrase "Ask your father." Which made me think back to when I was a little girl and I asked my mom one time why she would tell us to go “Ask your father?" Her reply was "I want your father to be involved in the decisions around the house" (maybe not that those exact words, but pretty close, you get the idea). Well, that is what you tell your kids when you don't want to tell them the truth, which is you are tired of being asked 20 questions every hour and you want your spouse to go through the joy of it all!!