Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend Update

Yesterday, Saturday, we went to La Linea with some friends, Dan and Sarah Thompson. Dan works with Paul and his wife Sarah works in Houston for Chevron. We arrived in City center of La Linea around 9:30AM for a coffee and churro, Nathan and Kayla had some chocolate milk, while Emily drank juice. It is pretty neat to watch the man make the churro he has two wooden sticks that he uses to swirl the dough mixture in to the hot oil to be fried, then lifts to batter, flips it over and fries the other side with the wooden sticks, quite the art form.
After our churro and coffee it was time to hit the market!! The market was full of fish and meats and other animal parts that I have no idea what you would do with them, how you would cook it and why you would want to cook it!! We bought some bread and tuna steaks to cook for dinner. Crab Anyone???
Fresh Swordfish!! Mmmmm Tuna Steaks
Then we walked around the outdoor part of the market (where they sell clothes and other bits and bobs), after looking at all of the things for sale (fresh olives, chestnuts, and prickly pear) it was time to head to the car and home sweet home!! Upon arrival to the house it was time for lunch, then for Kayla and Emily to take their naps. While the girls were napping I went for a quick jog/walk in the mountains!! I have enjoyed my walks in the countryside and will miss the peacefulness of it. There are not any mountains and farmland in Houston, TX!!!
When I returned home it was time to get things sorted for dinner, Paul took off for a jog around our neighborhood, which for those of you that have not been here, it is like living on a mountain. Our house complex is on the top of a hill and you go down the hill into town but have to come back up the hill at some point to return home, not an easy jog. We had Mr. Grundmeier over for dinner, Ruth (Mrs. Grundmeier) is in the USA visiting family. For desert I bought Cappuccino ice cream, it was delicious, but I am pretty sure that it had real coffee in it; I say this because Nathan was so full of energy after he ate his, he was RUNNING all over the house. He ran from the living room out the door into the garden-to the porch-back in the door to the play area-through the living room and back out the door to the garden 38 times, it was as if a bottle rocket had been let loose in the house, bouncing from wall to wall. Once he was settled into bed it was time for a game of Sheep’s Head. No it is not something from Paul’s fraternity days; it is a real card game. I am pleased to announce that I won!!! That was our Saturday, good friends, fun and food.
This morning we made the trip to San Roque market. It was a BIG market a lot of shoe and clothing stalls. There were some fruit and vegetable stalls as well as the typical junk bits and bobs, which you only buy because they are cheap and you do not care if they break. I found a pair of shoes for Kayla to wear for David and Katie’s wedding, and Paul found a metal spatula for lasagna. We have been using this plastic flimsy one and every time that you would pick up a piece of lasagna to put on someone’s plate you just hope that the lasagna does not fall off onto the floor before reaching the plate.
On the way back to the car after finishing at the market we stop at the park to let Nathan and Kayla play on the toys and release some of their energy.
Once energy had been released it was time to go home and have lunch and naps. While driving home there was a flock of vulture/eagle type birds circling above a herd of cattle. I never saw what they were after, maybe just out for a Sunday flight. The Thompson’s, Dan and his wife Sarah came over for dinner and to watch some bullfighting. Today there is a bridal shower for my soon to be sister in law Katie Savastano, I am missing it and am sad about this. It should be a god time had by all. That wraps up our weekend, I hope everyone else had an exciting weekend as well!!


  1. Hi Karen-
    I never have posted a comment; I am a newby. I read that you found shoes for Kayla for the wedding. I have been showing off her dress to everyone. The shower was great, a good time was had by all; but we did miss you and Kayla. Thank you for the griddle. Hope you have a great Monday!
    -Love you...Katie

  2. Hey Karen, glad to see the blogging is working out for you. Love all the pics you've posted. So that's the story of the churro! They started selling them at Cinnabon on base...somehow they seem more interesting after having seen the making. =)