Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Helicopters and Water

When I left to pick up Nathan from school today I noticed large black clouds from the field behind the golf course, which is behind our house. It turned out to be a large grass fire in the farm land there. When we came home from getting Nathan from school there were helicopters flying by with the buckets/bags of water to put the fire out. Guess where they were getting the water from?? The pond in the golf course directly behind our house complex. Needless to say we, and by we I mean Nathan and I, were excited to go out there and watch them fly in to fill their bags with water and fly off again. This was at 3:45PM our time and it is 5:30PM and they are still at work dumping water on the fire. The pond is pretty low, but they are still filliing up, there goes another one!!


  1. Goodness! What excitement! Hopefully the rain helped the firefighters!

  2. I know a guy that owes me a favor, Smokey Bear, I will see if I can get him to come help out. The golf course probably has a built in fire extinguisher, the speinkler system.haha. I bet the helicopter was very fun to watch.