Monday, September 3, 2007

Back to School

Today was Nathan’s first day back to school. Nathan did not want to go, and he was complaining all of the way. We usually get there a few minutes early, one to get a parking place and two to sit in the “library” and read some books. When it was time to enter the class, he was crying and clinging desperately to my leg and arm. Thankfully once in the room there was one of the helpers from his class last year. She took Nathan by the hand sat down at the play dough table and talked with him while I slipped out the door. I am not sure what he did once I was gone, but when I picked him up from school I received a lecture on how I am not suppose to do that (leave without informing him of the fact that I am leaving). It was good to have some free time in the afternoon today; however, I did miss having him around to play war (the card game) with and just to be silly. Next Monday is Kayla’s first day of school, I hope it is a good day!! This morning she wanted to go to school like Nathan and wanted me to put a snack in her backpack, just like Nathan. Although she was told over and over again that she would not be going to school today, when she realized that Nathan was staying at school and she was coming on a walk with mommy and Emily, she was not that excited. I did win her over when I bought her a new pair of shoes that she put on as soon as we entered the house and would have taken her nap in them if I would have let her!!

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  1. Kayla I like your shoes and they will be fun to wear when you go to school.