Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Weekend of Sept. 22 and 23

What a weekend. On Saturday we spent the day at the house. Paul built a rocket ship with the kids and hung it from the light fixture. When Emily woke from her nap she could not take her eyes off of it. Nathan and Kayla played outside with the chalk and drew some WONDERFUL pictures!! Kayla, Emily, and I went for a little walk around our complex, and then Nathan and I went for a ride on his bike around the complex. That night Paul and I went to Sara’s house (woman that works with Paul) for dinner and some adult conversation. Mr. and Mrs. Grundmeier watched Nathan and Kayla (Emily was in bed so they listened for her). It was a nice evening out and we enjoyed just sitting with other adults and not having to have to worry about what the kids are getting into. Sunday was a lazy day of just lying around and watching TV. After church we tried to go to a market in San Roque, but Emily had not taken a nap and all the kids were in need of lunch, so I think we will plan it better so that next Sunday after church we will go to check out the market in San Roque. We ended the evening by letting Nathan and Kayla stay up to watch a bull fight and eat dinner on the floor, such a treat!! The weather is starting to cool off and we are able to open the doors and windows to let the cool air in. Paul was thinking about going for a swim in the pool and when he asked Nathan if he thought the water in the pool would be cold, and Nathan’s response to that was, “SURELY”. Almost as if that was the craziest question he had ever heard. Another little funny thing, the other night Nathan was not feeling very well, and Paul and I were in his room with him settling him back down and putting him back into bed when Kayla rolled over and said, “You woke me up guys” with a little sigh at the end. She is a funny little one, you never know what is going to come out of her mouth!

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