Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend fun

This weekend was a lazy one. Not much really to report, other than Nathan playing as though he was a knight, Paul was the dragon, I was a good fairy, Kayla was the ghost and Emily was the pet gecko. It was quite an interesting game that involved a lot of pretending. "The Knight"~ Nathan

"The Ghost"~ Kayla

"Pet Gecko"~ Emily

Nathan is good with his imagination. He put on a little puppet show for Paul and Emily. Kayla was a tired little girl as she currently has a cold and just is not feeling very well. Paul also took the kids out to the pool for one last dip in the water on Saturday, as it was the official last day for the pool to be open. The water was cool but everyone had a good time Emily even crawled her way to the edge and with a little help she was able to partake in the pool activities.

Paul played poker on Saturday night with some of the guys from work, while he was off I worked on a baby blanket for Emily, I know 10 months late, but better late than never!! Sunday involved a trip to Gibraltar to do some grocery shopping (there are certain things that we had gotten use to in England that we enjoy going over there to get on occasion, plus there are just some things you can’t find here in Spain). That was our lazy weekend.

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