Sunday, September 2, 2007

Friends, Mexican Food, and Balderdash

Last night we had some friends from Paul’s work over for dinner and then to play Balderdash. It was a good time for just relaxing and having a late night. Everyone arrived around 5PM and we snacked on salsa, queso, chips, cheese, and refried beans until the cook (Paul) cooked up the steaks and chicken for the fajitas. After dinner and putting the little ones to bed (where is Nanny Kirstin when you need her?!?) we were set to continue talking and drinking. After a few hours of talking we broke out the Balderdash where there was lots of laughter and silliness. While playing Balderdash we learned how to throw Exxon Mobil gang signs as well as signs for GE, Shell, and numerous others…. Thanks Scott!! Our DJ’s Paul and Scott picked out classic Seven Dust, Rage against the Machine, Tool, Limp Bizkit, and Slip Knot as our energetic music for the night. Thankfully we are still without neighbors so this was not a problem as the music was far louder than should have been. Our guests left at 2AM and it was WAY past our bedtime as well. It was a good time and made us feel as though we were back in college again.....if only we could sleep in the following day!

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