Monday, September 10, 2007

Kayla's first Day

Today was Kayla’s first day at school, and she was GREAT. When I dropped her off at her Nursery, in Guadiaro, (down the street from where we live) there were no tears and she did not get upset. She sat at the table playing with the baby dolls and just enjoying herself. It was really nice to have that response instead of Nathan’s crying and saying, “school is scary”. When I picked her up at 12:30 she was enjoying corn, raisins, and a rice cake. She said she had a good time playing with her “friends”. I am hopeful that this feeling of enjoyment will continue, and she will not decide that she has been there done that and is finished with school now.

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  1. Congratulations, Kayla!! What an excellent first day at school!