Friday, July 2, 2010

Big Girl Now!!

The other night Paul and I put together Maddie's "Big Girl" bed. She was so happy to be sleeping in a big girl bed. Now Maddie wants mommy to lay down with her at nap time and bed time. The good part of that is I get to rest for a bit and it helps her to fall asleep guaranteeing that she will take a nap and sleep in her own bed, at least part of the night anyway! It brought back memories of Nathan and Kayla when they were little. This bed is the bed we bought in England for Nathan, his first "Big Boy" bed, and the sheets were the sheets that we bought for Kayla when she converted from the crib to a bed. Why do they have to grow up?
Yesterday evening, right before dinner, Maddie had enough. I don't know if it was from lack of sleep, all of the fun she has been having, not having to share her mom (I vote for this one), or just pure boredom but she brought her pillow and blanket to the play area and laid on the floor to go to sleep. I just wish it would have been 2 hours later and I could have put her in PJ's and put her to bed for the night.

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  1. Does she realize a new baby is going to take her old bed?