Thursday, July 15, 2010


Yesterday when I was baking bread, the smells made me think back to Spain. When I would open my kitchen window in the morning the smells of fresh baked bread would have traveled up the hill from the town below and the smell, oh the smell, there is nothing like fresh baked bread!! It made me so hungry for fresh bread, I am going to try to make fresh bread more often, it is so good.... Nathan had asked to look at our sea glass from Spain, so we pulled out our box that had our misc bits from the back porch in Spain and found the sea shells and sea glass, it was so nice. I want to go back and visit for a while, maybe Paul could get an assignment in Australia!!

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  1. If you go to Australia, and we go to Guam, we'll come look for koalas with you - and you can come snorkel with us! But Dan did put down Hawaii as his first choice.