Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Daddy's Home!!

Paul has been in Australia for 5 days and came home today. The kids were so excited to see him they made him welcome home cards and while I was helping Kayla spell her words Maddie helped herself to the stamps and markers (see photo below). We made fresh bread for him and we blew up balloons to welcome him home. It was a big party. I was ready to go to bed by the time he showed up. I am always amazed at how tired I am by the time he gets home from trips, I think I have to be ready ALL the time and I can't depend on him to help with them in the evening so I never get a break and when he does get home, I turn my brain off and am able to relax a bit and it is then that I realize how tired I truly am! (Emily you are going to need to go into hibernation when Dan gets back!) Welcome Home Daddy!!
this is why we only buy WASHABLE markers!!

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  1. But she looks so pretty for daddy!

    How well I know that feeling of trying to get everything cleaned up for dad to get home, only to be a wreck when he walks through the door. The worst was when I got a speeding ticket on the way to the airport one time to pick him up. It was not the happy greeting he hoped for... Although I'm excited for Dan to get home, I really don't want to get a call two days early, saying "I'll be arriving in a couple hours!" Although since the kids will be in school, the house shouldn't be a total wreck, like it has been every day this week!