Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yesterday when I woke up I noticed that Sally was not in the house. Paul was working in the garage last night and the garage door was open. So I was under the assumption that she slipped out while he wasn't looking. I was right. We left the garage cracked all day so that if she made made her way home she could get in the house. I sent a noticed out to the neighborhood asking for people to contact me if they saw her. I waited all day and thoughts (not always good) kept going through my head as to where she could be. When Paul came home we drove around the neighborhood looking for her to no avail. The night went on Maddie went to bed and Paul and I went to bed, I was a in bit of a bad mood, sorry Paul!!! At about 4AM I was awoken by the sounds of a cat crying outside our bedroom windows, I shot from my bed to see what was the matter, went to the back door and turned on the backyard lights, went outside and called her, nothing!! So, to the front porch thinking that maybe when I turned the lights on it spooked her, I called her and she meowed back, after a while she finally came into the house and cried over and over. She has no limps, no scratches, nothing, wherever she was she took care of herself. Now to keep her from running away again!!

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