Monday, July 26, 2010

First Haircut

Today was busy day for Maddie, it started with a trip to the doctor, where there was suppose to be NO shots, but according to so new guidelines, she ended up with a shot!! She was cute when the nurse jabbed her she sweetly said, "owe", then as the medicine was injected she screamed!! So the jab, not too bad, the medicine burned!
Then after naps it was time for her First Haircut!! Her hair was getting long and stringy, still all baby fine hair. It was breaking off and every morning it was a tangled up rat nest. plus she never kept it in a pony tail longer than 2 minutes, so it was always on her neck and in Houston that means hot and sweaty. She looks cute, but I am going to miss her curls!!

Get ready!!

That's what my hair looks like... So soft, and tickles my nose!!
My new doo!!

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