Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

Over the Fourth we drove up to Oklahoma City to pick up the kids from the grandparents and spend the weekend with family. We arrived Friday night and went to bed, then on Saturday we loaded up to go to Paul's parents and spend the day, since it was raining most of the day and I was sleeping most of the day I do not remember too much of what happened. We played Uno, ate and just hung out. Sunday was church then to pizza with the Hellen's. After pizza where it was far too cold inside we headed back to my folks house and played. My brother Dave his wife Katie and their little girl Emma were there, then my sister and her husband showed up followed by Blake's mom. It was a little rainy that day as well, but we played "Things" which is fun board game and not too complicated, you were just required to be clever in your thoughts! Then it was time to eat. Once everyone had gorged themselves we headed outside to enjoy the cooler weather and play some games. My dad had made some corn hole games and we played a bit of that. After a while it was time for the boys to get the fire ready to light some explosives in the back yard. I do believe that 4th of July is just an excuse for men/boys to blow things up. Nathan had fun lighting things and watching them burn, I think his favorites are the smoke bombs, which he put in the bird bath and watched them change the color of the water and make bubbles. He jumped through the smoke they made and believe me there was a lot of smoke! When Pop started to light up the black cats the girls (Kayla, Emily and Maddie) went inside to enjoy the show from a safe distance. They are not fans of the noise. It was a nice evening with family.
Monday we spent the day outside and playing games. There was swimming more corn hole, a little bit of horse shoes, coloring and just hanging out. It was good weekend. Tuesday morning we loaded up and drove back to Texas. The kids were all VERY good I think they are getting use to being in the car for LONG periods of time.

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