Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Fun

What to say the summer is almost over and what have we done?? Well we have played in the pool, played in the sprinkler, made fresh lemonade, homemade ice cream, had water balloon fights, and water gun fights. There have been trips to the library and a trip to the east coast to visit with family. We took a trip to Oklahoma for the fourth of July, Nathan, Kayla and Emily spent a week with the grandparents and had a very good time, as did I being reminded what it was like with only one child. If I only knew how easy it was with just one, when it was just Nathan!! Nathan has enjoyed hours of playing with the boys next door, Kayla and Emily have played all kinds of games together, Maddie has tried to play along and has been tolerated pretty well and I have enjoyed sleeping in past 6:30am. I must say it has been a good, and relaxing summer. 5 more weeks to go!!

Enjoying a small snack after playing in the water

"How does this work?"

"Oh well, I will just drink the water" "I bet hers has better water , trade ya!"
Get him!

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