Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Nathan, Kayla, and Emily have gone to Oklahoma to spend the week with the grandparents. They left on Saturday which means Maddie has gone from having 3 siblings to being an only child. She has done pretty well with it all, but misses them especially in the morning and at bedtime. In the morning when we get up she will cry about everything and gets upset when I have to take my 5 minute shower. Normally in the morning they all get up together and will play or watch cartoons, but with Nathan, Kayla and Emily not here she is alone. At bedtime she just does NOT want to go to bed!! Last night Paul was working in the garage I was ironing shirts upstairs and Maddie kept coming out of her bed. I finally gave up and let her be, she got out her baby dolls, blankets, play food and cash register. She has been playing VERY nicely by herself and is good about cleaning her mess, sometimes with help and sometimes by herself. Well, I tried putting her to bed again when I finished the ironing at about 9:45. She came right back out,so I sat up there with her, still awake. Finally at 10:30 I brought her downstairs where she slept in our bed!! I am ready for the kids to be back!

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