Saturday, June 12, 2010

South Carolina

Aiken, South Carolina~ We arrived to Paul's brother's house on Thursday night where we had a great dinner and enjoyed hanging out. Friday we went fishing, picked wild blackberries, and played with the Wii. Friday morning their cat showed showed up, the kids were super excited to meet Jake and LOVED petting him.
Bird Watching! Look at that Whopper!!! Worms anyone?? Mmmm, wild blackberries!!!
Saturday after a great breakfast we headed out to a plantation where the magnolia trees were at least a hundred years old and the blossoms on the trees as big as your head. There were also ants, Fire ants all over, so we had to be careful where we stepped, but that was not the real problem as the ants were in the trees. When the kids tried to climb and play on the trees they were bit by the ants, Maddie got a good bite between her toes, don't ask!! It was a good morning then we headed into downtown Aiken. Where we walked around and then ate lunch at a local microbrewery. I was told the beer was good, but since I am pregnant, I just had to watch. After lunch it was too hot for anything outside so we went back to the house and played some more Wii.
Sunday after church we had another great breakfast, I must say we had 3 full breakfasts every day we were there. It was rather nice. Mark you are more then welcome to here and cook breakfast every day! After breakfast we loaded up the car and headed off to TX. It was a great visit and I am glad we took the extra time to visit family.

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