Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lancaster, PA

When we woke up on Friday morning, after 5 hours of sleep, it was time to start the day with a trip to Central Market. Central Market is a step back in time where there are people selling fresh baked goods, meat counters where your steak is cut from the slab of cow to the thickness you want it, vegetables that look and smell as though they were just picked from the farm, and fish that has NO fishy smell (must be fresh, right!?). Needless to say I wanted to buy a lot of stuff, but as we had no where to store it it was just not going to happen. After market we went to my Aunt Teresa's house were we spent the day hanging out and socializing with family. It was a good and relaxing day. Nathan had a good time with cousin Miles and the girls enjoyed playing in the sand box. we all enjoyed swing on the courting swing ( I think that is what is called).
Day 2 was a party for my grandma's, 90th birthday. Everyone gathered at Aunt Teresa's house and we had a great time catching up with family and just enjoying beautiful day with each other. Paul and I offered to pick up the cake and little did we know where we would end up! After driving through the countryside we were traveling down a country road at 45 mph and looking for the bakery, as we passed a white farm house, Paul says, " I think we just passed it." We turn around and arrive at the farm house with a purple pony sign in the front yard, not very big I may add, and drive to the garage behind the house. The garage has been divided in to 2 parts, the first half is a storage area, and the back room is where the baking takes place. There is just one woman there who does all of the cooking. In talking I told them we were from TX, they then informed me that they ship whoopee pies all over and he gave me two samples. It was a pleasant surprise. They were good, but not as good as my mom's!
Before going to Aunt Teresa's for the party, we took a trip to Long's park, a park close to where my Gram use to live and full of fun memories! There was a fun wooden play area and LOTS of baby ducks and geese. The kids had a good time with the animals and playing.
Day 3 was my cousin Kirstin's wedding day, she was a beautiful bride and it was great to finally meet her husband, Liam is a good man and I know he and Kirstin will be happy. Congratulations to you both!
Day 4 most of the family had left, so we met out at my aunt Teresa's where it was a rainy day and I had to laundry! We sat around ate and talked some more, then after naps and lunch we headed out to Strasburg where we took a ride on the steam train. It was fun and enjoyed seeing the countryside and watching the Amish plow the fields and bail the hay. Another good day.
Day 5, our last day in Lancaster, we met mom and dad for breakfast then headed into town to get some pretzels, which are gone. The pretzels are made in the back of a house. Like most things in Lancaster it is a small town feel with a throw back to a time long forgotten. We looked through the windows to watch the workers, whom are all elderly, as they twisted the dough to make the pretzels. Then it was back to Aunt Teresa's house to say good bye to everyone and continue our journey to Washington DC.

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