Friday, June 11, 2010

Washington DC

We left Lancaster around noon on Tuesday and headed for DC it should have been 1.5 to 2 hours however 3-4 hours later (traffic) we arrived at our destination. I am a little fuzzy on the times because I was sleeping most of the drive! It was good to get to the hotel and unpack. The only thing was after we unpacked, it was time to head out to see the sights. The museums were all close for the day, but we were able to walk by the White House, Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument. Then we were off to find some food, we ended up at a restaurant close to the hotel where we ate overpriced hamburgers. It was good and I ate too much, but we made it back to hotel and back to bed!
chasing a squirrel
taking a break before the long walk home!
Day 2 began at the Natural History Museum. Hooray for air conditioning!! It was fun to watch the kids in all of the exhibits while the ocean exhibit and the insect area were the hits, it was all fun to see. The ocean exhibit had a lot of fish preserved in jars, which help to make it seem real. It is good to see the dinosaurs and other model animals, but there is something about a real animal. Once finished at the Natural History Museum we continued our walk around the mall and saw the Capitol, Library of Congress, Parliament, and then headed off to the Air and Space Museum. On the way we passed a farmer's market, which was full of people. It was about 2PM at this point, a little late for a farmer's market I thought, but none the less, there they were. I would have liked to have stopped, but it was on the other side of a BUSY street, so we walked on by! After the Air and Space museum it was time to go back to the hotel, the kids were exhausted and it was hot. Once back at the hotel we laid around while the kids played in the room, dinner was sandwiches from bread and meat we brought with us. It was a good trip, but you could have spent a week there and MAYBE have seen it all. I know there were places that Paul wanted to tour and walk through, but with the kids getting grumpier by the minute and me not feeling very well, it was sacrificed.

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