Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The trip...

Well, we left on Wed. after the kids got out of school, to go to Biloxi, MS and stay the night with my sister-in-law and the cousins. On the way I went to put on a movie for them to watch and uh-oh i forgot all but 2 of the movies!! They watched them both, but did not like the mouse detective too much. We did not arrive there until around 11PM, then it was to bed and in the morning they were excited to see their cousins!! The kids played for a while ate breakfast and got back in the car for what was suppose to be a 12 hour day of driving. Well, we drove, and drove, and drove and at 7:30 we stopped for dinner, Wendy's!! At this point we had 5 hours left to reach our destination, it was too early to stop driving and you can't drive 2 hours and then stop with just 3 hours left to go, so we drove (by "we" I mean Paul) into the night arriving into Lancaster, PA at 3:00AM local time. Thanks to our GPS we were able to watch a train go by, pay an unnecessary toll, and see some country side, as well as one could see the countryside at 2 in the morning. We checked into our room and fell to sleep. The kids were great on the trip, there were a few moments we all wanted to scream, but with some Leapster, and movies on the portable DVD player all was well. (Thanks for the loaners Emily and Dad!)

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