Friday, May 1, 2009


I have mentioned in previous posts that would tell you about the Prague trip or the reason why we bring a Joe's cup (Eskimo Joe's in Stillwater, OK) with us (everywhere) when a child is sick, so I have pasted my journal entry from that trip, enjoy... ...Today we got back from Prague, thank goodness it is over. I have never been so happy to be home!! We were planning to go to Prague for Easter and just make a nice 4 day vacation out of it, well, that would have been nice, but everyone got sick. Let me start at the beginning… It was Thursday morning like any other morning, Nathan got up was getting ready to get dressed, and threw up on the floor, the proceeded to be sick the rest of the day. Thursday night Nathan and Kayla threw up all night and Paul and I had about 2-3 hours of sleep the entire night. Friday morning we were suppose to leave for Prague, I was having reservations, but Paul wanted to give it a go, in the hopes that they would get better by Saturday morning and Paul and I would not catch it. So we get up and get all of our things together, throw up cup in Nathan’s hand and out the door. Half way to the airport (we were leaving out of Newcastle, about 45minutes away) Kayla starts to throw up all over herself, car seat, just a mess, and then as if triggered by the sound Nathan proceeds to throw up. So here we are pulled over in a gas station parking lot cleaning these two vomit covered crying children, clean them up and off to the airport. We make it to the airport get checked in, and board the plane. On the plane and getting closer to Prague, I begin to get nauseated, well, more than normal from being pregnant. I hand Kayla over to Paul then I go to bathroom and throw up. Finally we arrive in Prague get all of our baggage, and make it to the hotel, where, Nathan, Kayla, and myself lay down and sleep for a few hours. Paul goes out by himself and checks things out, we go to dinner, and go home back to bed!! Saturday I am still not feeling well, however we went on a 7 hour walking tour of the city and after the first 1-2 hours I was beginning to feel a bit better. Fortunately Nathan and Kayla were in strollers and slept the entire time. The walking tour was nice and gave us some spots that we were going to come back to on Sunday and check out more thoroughly. Well, Saturday night at about 3am I here Paul make a dash for the bathroom and up came dinner. Let me just say that Sunday was spent with me and Paul in bed all day, except for when Paul went to get Nathan some lunch and snacks to have in the room for the kids!!! Monday morning, Paul and I not feeling 100% but knowing if there were any souvenirs that we wanted this was our last chance, so up we go and do some quick shopping, and then it was to the airport and home!! Let me just end it by saying that Prague is a beautiful city, and I am glad that we did the walking tour, but the bed in the hotel was about 3 inches thick and left my hips VERY soar!!! There you have it, our trip from Prague, I would like to add I was 12 weeks pregnant with Emily and I am ALWAYS very nauseated for the first 5 months of pregnancy, so it was not a very enjoyable trip. The city is beautiful and I would like to go back some day when we are able to better enjoy all of the great architecture. I will end this with a few pictures of the trip...

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