Saturday, May 23, 2009

Chuck Wagon Days

Today we went to The Cowboy Hall of Fame, yes I know it is not called that anymore, but I am too lazy to research its new name and frankly, I like it will always be The Cowboy Hall of Fame to me. It was a good time for all. There were pots of beans, cornbread, peach cobbler, and some brisket, just a bite per person, but they had some. There were all sorts of things for the kids to do, they could stand in line for an hour to make a rope, yes we did it and Nathan has loved it!! Paul likes Kayla's as it will find it's way into his truck. They had pony rides, Kayla was the only one to brave the wild ponies, they made a leather bracelet, a blacksmith was there and he was heating up horseshoe nails and turning them into rings. There was even a real live Texas longhorn teat the kids could sit on and get a picture. None of my kids were brave enough, but there were a lot that did it!!
Emily must sensitive ears because she kept her hands on her ears the entire time.
Making rope
After we were finished outside with all of the activities it was time to head into the air conditioned Cowboy Hall of Fame. We went straight to the kids area where Kayla dressed up and they all had a good time pretending to ride a horse. Nathan even caught a bandit...
they were serenaded by the singing cowboy, as soon as the cowboy started to talk to Nathan and Kayla they both hid in fear!!

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