Friday, May 22, 2009

On the Road Again

Today after Nathan's Kindergarten moving up ceremony we hit the road for OKC. About 2 seconds into the ride I heard "I'm hungry", to which my reply was, "You just had cookies and juice!" Paul and I quickly decided that we would stop at the McDonald's closest to the highway to get them fed . This would keep the I'm hungry, statement at bay for at least 30 minutes. It seems as though anytime we are on a car ride they want food as soon as the seat belt clicks. The car could still be off, but all of the sudden they are hungry and thirsty. The car trip was not terrible, but there was a constant complaint or crying, no one fell asleep at the same time. First was Maddie, then when she woke up it was Emily, then when she woke up it was Kayla, then it was Maddie again. I was sooo happy to see my parents house when we finally arrived, because it meant the kids would have less to argue about!!

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  1. Hey Karen! How are things? How've you been?

    Did you hear that Mary (Mass) is in OKC right now? Her mother's not doing to well, from what I've heard.