Sunday, May 17, 2009

Houston Highland Games

There really is not a whole lot to say about this. It was fun to go to once, but we are in no hurry to go back next year.. I had thought there would be more traditional Scottish food, but there was not that much and for the price it was really small. It was fun to watch the dog heard the sheep and the way she could just whistle or say one word and the dogs knew what to do. When one dog was working the sheep the others would sit in behind and watch with their eyes fixed on the sheep and ready to get out there and help. There was one dog that was not on a leash he was older, 11, I think, and was retired form competition, but he would get up and go to help the other dogs even though he should have been sitting and watching. It was neat to see these dogs work and do what they were made to do. Throughout the day the had some traditional Scottish games including the caber toss. It was interesting to see these men try to lift this telephone pole and try to get it to flip from end to end. Some of them were able to do it, but for the most part they would drop it or it would fall backwards. It must be as hard as it looks!! There was traditional Scottish dancers, which Kayla enjoyed watching. There was some crafts and good Scottish music. All and all it was a good afternoon out and the weather was perfect!!

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