Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jelleystone Park

Over mother's Day weekend we went "camping". It was not real camping, we chickened out and paid far more than a family should to sleep in a cabin, however, we had a good time. Jelleystone Park is kind of a camp, they have a putt-putt course, fishing (with lots of snakes), water park, pool, petting zoo, campsites, and I am sure that I am forgetting something. It was a good time for everyone, especially for the kids, well, maybe not all of the kids. Emily was not thrilled about the water park an did NOT want to get in the pool and hated the horn that blew right before this big bucket of water would tip over and dump water on all that were under it. All in all it was good time I think that if we do it again it will be an all day trip and not an over night trip.
Paul tried to catch the snake with Kayla's fishing pole, no luck!! like father, like son
Nathan caught a perch and wanted to string it up. By the time he had it on the stringer, it was dead!!
Nathan caught a little snake with his net...
The bucket of water is dumping over...
They built a castle in the sand

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