Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Week 1

Madeline is now 7 days old and is waking for longer periods of time and is still sleeping well in the night time. The past two nights I have only had to wake 2 times to feed her, which is the best sleep one could ask for with a newborn baby. She wakes up to eat and then it is back to bed. She still does not not do very much. Her days consist of eating, sleeping, diaper changes, and an occasional cry when a sibling does not give her the space that she is after. Madeline has had a few cross eyed moments, and likes to look at bright lights. Any time she goes outside she will fall into a deep sleep and is only awakened by coming inside and making her cold. There is something about the heat outside that just puts her right to sleep. She is a very good baby and barely cries, I am hoping that she will remain this easy and has her sister Kayla's love of sleep. The other kids are adjusting to Madeline and not been too upset by her arrival. Emily had a hard time trying to find her place now that she is not the baby and has to share her mom, but she is adjusting. She loves Madeline, and likes to kiss on her and give her hugs, but does not like to have to share the attention. She has "taken" Madeline from me and given her to my mom a few times. Kayla would sit on the sofa all day and just hold Madeline. She is really good with her and just sits there very patiently with her. She does not like to share the honor of holding Madeline with her brother or Emily, but I am sure that will change as the new-ness wears off. Nathan likes Madeline, but in true boy fashion, he has better things to be doing than holding a little baby. I think that half the time he asks to hold Madeline just to make Kayla mad.

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