Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What's new??

It has been a while since I have typed and I can only blame it on being home with 3 little ones continuing to try to settle in, being 36 weeks pregnant and dealing with a toothache. Where to start? Well an update on the house and family would be a good start... I am still pregnant; due anywhere from the 24th of July to the 2nd of August. I have seen 3 different doctors and they have all agreed on 3 different due dates, I am hopeful for the 24th, but have resigned myself to believe it will not be until the 2nd of August. I have decided that being pregnant and due in the middle of the Houston summer is not a good idea. I prefer being pregnant in the winter months as you are always able to add layers of clothing, but you can only take so many off. Plus my energy/money conserving husband keeps turning the air conditioning up so that I am so HOT in the house I do not rest very well. Plus I am already tired from the normal pregnancy, but this heat just makes me 10 times more tired, which makes me a bit short with the kids and not a very fun mommy to be around. Other than that the pregnancy is going well, and I will be ready for this baby whenever it does decide to make and appearance. The kids.... Nathan has settled into life here to some extent. He does not like to have his own room; he would rather share a room with his sister. That way he could talk with her instead of sitting in his room all by his lonesome. He enjoys playing with the neighborhood boys, Jake and JT. Jake is probably his favorite, mainly because he gets to play with him the most. Nathan has really gotten into baseball and enjoys going in the front yard and playing baseball with his daddy after dinner. He is still trying to figure out the rules and has an occasional fit when something happens and he thinks it should not have happened (like him getting 'out'). When Nathan is tagged out he is getting better about just going out and not pouting for 5 minutes before he does what he is suppose to. His swimming has improved and he swam from one side of the pool to the other side with no help on Sunday (thanks to those lessons in Spain from Rob and Jill!)
JT, Jake, and Nathan

Nathan's Shrimp Plant (he bought it because it looked like corn)

Kayla loves to tag along with the boys and go to Jake's house to play as well. I think she does a lot of watching them and trying to keep up with whatever they are doing. She is quite the 3 year old going on 15 years old. She likes boss others around and at times it is pretty cute, although we try not so show our smiles to promote the behavior anymore than possible. She will get her hands on her hips and start talking in her sweet gentle motherly voice "Bud, now don't go to fast", "You can have that." Some of her sayings that I like the best are, "No Matters, I will do it." With her sweetness there is also the wrath of Kayla. She LOVES her nap and will take one at anytime of day if she is allowed. She may have been awake for 1 hour, but she will be ready to go to bed. When she is woken from her nap (which is a daily routine, otherwise she may never get up from bed) she is full of furry. You do not want to be near her feat because they will start flailing all over the place and she has no remorse if she kicks you!! Overall she is sweet and definitely a girl, she likes to dress up and wear her bracelets and necklaces.

Kayla with her pink flowers

I was vacuuming the floor and the girls thought I was being too LOUD!!!

Then there is Emily my little tomboy!! She is as rough and as tough as they come, she enjoys being part of the action and wants to be where the others are, even if she is in the way. Her vocabulary is growing and there are more and more words coming out of her. Her favorite thing is to get her blanket for bedtime and carry it all over the house. She still has very little hair and it is getting blonder and blonder as the summer goes on. Which makes her look balder than she really is!! She likes to help out around the house with cleaning up messes and with getting things for others. She is a very sweet little girl and so much fun to watch!! Unlike Kayla she does not like to go to bed. She would rather stay awake and not miss out on anything going on. So this has been a challenge as I want her to take a nap and she refuses. I am usually victorious as she is not able to get out of the crib yet.

Paul is busy keeping me happy as my mood changes frequently and without warning and I am eternally tired. He has had to do a lot of biting of his tongue and dealing with a hormonal woman. He is busy with work, probably not as busy as he would have been if we were still in Spain, but busy. We see him more often and he gets home at a decent hour in the evening, which is nice because Nathan really enjoys playing baseball with his daddy. We still have some boxes laying around the house that are in need of finding homes and a LOT of decorating to be done, but in time. We have received our sofa and chairs in the living area which is nice because I now have a place to sit when I need to sit for a few minutes. Next to arrive will be the table and chairs for the dinette and the formal dining room. We will have to make some trips to look for area rugs still, but all in time!! I have found some time to do a little gardening and have found a plant that is called a balloon plant, it has a pretty purple flower and well, I will post pictures of it's flowering stages, pretty neat...

Stage 1 Stage 2

Stage 3

That is about all that is going on in our lives. I am sure there is more, but for the moment this is all I can come up with, so until next time…Adios

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