Friday, July 18, 2008

Swimming Lessons week 1

This week Nathan and Kayla had swim lessons, they went Monday to Thursday from 8:45AM to 9:25AM. The first day Kayla cried from the time that the girl took her to the shower until about 10 minutes before we left. She was not crying, but would not do what her teacher, Sarah asked her, and so instead of jumping in the pool she was pulled into the pool. Each day she cried for a shorter and shorter period of time until it was Thursday and there were no tears. She did as she was asked and was even smiling while she practiced kicking her feet. Nathan on the other hand had no tears and was willing to try whatever the teacher asked of him. I think he is one of the better ones in his group, and no I am not just saying that because he is my son. He is a good swimmer and enjoys the water. As far as baby news there is not any just waiting for the baby to make his or her appearance. Hopefully next week before Thursday is when it will decide to show up. Our neighbor has volunteered to help with the kids but she leaves to visit family in Washington State on Thursday, so we will see. I am sure that all will work out!!

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