Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

First we went to a bike parade for the kids. Everyone was suppose to decorate their bikes, strollers, wagons, or whatevers and meet at the pool at 10AM. The kids rode around the community lake and back to the pool. Then it was time for a Bar B Q and games in the pool. The lifeguards had arranged games for the kids to play and people in the neighborhood brought their grills to the pool area to grill up food. You were suppose to bring your own meat to cook, but then everyone brought side items to share. By 2PM everyone was tired and ready to go home for a rest. While the girls napped Nathan "watched" cartoons and by "watched " cartoons I mean he fell asleep in the chair. During this time of peace Paul worked to get things done around the house while I baked cookies. Emily the first to awake was assigned the duty of official taste tester fro the cookies. After trying 3 of the cookis she deemed them worthy for all to eat and enjoy.

At about 8:15Pm we loaded up in the car and headed off to downtown Tomball where we found a parking place in the Lowes parking lot and waited for the fireworks to begin. At about 9:15 they started and the kids sat and watched them. Nathan bored quickly and tried to play hide and seek with Paul while Emily burried her face in my shoulder waiting for it all to over. Occasionally, she would peek out to see what all of the noise was. Kayla found a place on daddy's lap where she watched with her fingers in her ears. She would say "that one had pretty colors"; every so often, just to let you know she was paying attention. All in all it was fun, I think we would rather do our own fireworks next year and play with the neighborhood kids, who were up and playing in the cul-de-sac at 10PM when we got home.

We wish everyone a happy 4th of July and hope you all had a great day, no matter where in the world you may be!!

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