Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gram and Pop Cook visit

Gram and Pop Cook came to visit last Saturday and stayed through the week. It was GREAT to have them here. Pop kept busy running to and from Wal-Mart and painting a cabinet for us and. Gram kept busy cooking and entertaining the kiddos. She was even allowed to get in some cuddle time with baby Madeline. It was a nice way for the kids to get to know their grandparents and for my parents to get to know their grandkids. Since we have been out of the country for the majority of Nathan's life and all of Kayla and Emily's lives it will be good to be close to the grandparents and for all to bond together. This was also the first time that I was able to have my mom come and help out with the kids after I had a baby, and I loved it!! I do not know if I am going to be able to cope next week when I have to actually cook a dinner. In true grandparent form they came bearing gifts. Two were Nerf toys (a small football, and rocket thing) that Emily was quick to break and tear a hole into within hours of arrival. They brought a fishing game that was a BIG hit with Emily. She eventually gave up on the fishing pole and began to noodle for the fish with her finger. Nathan had Gram playing everything that he could think of. They chased butterflies from the elephant’s trunk, played baseball, played Robin Hood, colored and a variety of other games. Kayla enjoyed reading books, helping Gram cook, and few games of grocery store where she was the check out girl, Nathan was the shopper and Gram was the stock girl, with a few clean-ups on aisle 3. Pop bought Nathan some new Nerf bullets for his gun and a second Nerf gun to play with. That was a big hit with some yelling at Emily to not eat the new bullets. Then there was the GIANT bottle of bubbles that they brought for the kids to play with. The bubbles were a good time and Kayla enjoyed blowing the bubbles while Nathan pretended to be a dog and try to eat the bubbles. I think the best part of the bubbles was when Gram got out a bucket of water to wash the kids feet from all of the bubbles that were spilled, and this turned into a water fight with the kids. Emily was happiest just pouring the water on herself.
playing catch with Gram Playing Robin Hood
Painting toes and fingers!! Emily goes noodling Gram stocks the shelves at the grocery store
On friday night the kids were telling Gram and Pop goodnight and good bye (they left Saturday morning EARLY) Nathan got teary eyed and upset. We thought he was sad to say good bye, but it turned out that he just wanted to play baseball with Gram one last time before they left. So, Gram accomodated him and we went outside to play one last game of baseball.
As a full time stay at home mom I sometimes loose track of the important things in life and forget to just play with the kids and not worry about the mail, bills, and cleaning. Well, I was inspired by my mom this trip. She was always willing to just put everything on hold and be dragged up the stairs to play the fishing game with Emily, read a book with Kayla and Robin Hood with Nathan. I have been reminded of the important things in life, thanks for the reminder mom!!

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