Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Madeline's Birthday

The day began with a call around 5:30AM to notify us that we should report to the hospital at 7:00AM to have the baby. I was voluntarily induced, mainly because the friends that were going to watch Nathan, Kayla, and Emily were leaving to go out of town on the 24th and we were nervous about not having help with the kids while I was in labor. We did not want for Paul to have to be in the waiting room while I delivered the baby by myself. After arrival at the hospital, I was prepared for childbirth~ IV started, monitors hooked up and left to lay in the bed until it was time to deliver the baby. As I lay there from 8:00AM until 2:00PM when I received the epidural, all I could think about was I MUCH rather preferred to have the baby naturally with no medicine, come to the hospital on my own time and when I am ready. I was miserable not being able to get up and walk around feeling like I was tied to the bed with IV's and monitors. After my epidural the pain disappeared, but I was left with the shivers that I could not get control of. I shook and I shook from 15 minutes after the epidural until about 6:00PM. I feel as though part of my shaking was from low sugar levels due to having been not allowed to eat from midnight Monday night. Madeline was born at 4:21PM and I was so happy to see her and hold her, but the joy was dampened by a feeling of sickness and just not feeling well. After Madeline was born I was allowed to have some 7-Up (which is the first thing was allowed to have since the previous day at midnight). I drank this far too fast because I knew this would help to calm my shivers, plus I was really thirsty. The nurse brought in my dinner tray and upon opening it I had to put the lid back on it and request something to throw up into. NO, the food was not that bad, the smell just caused me to vomit. Madeline was taken to the newborn nursery from 5:30PM until about 8:30PM for shots, vital signs and a bath. This was hard because I did not feel like I had seen her since I was feeling sick after her birth and then she was gone for 3 hours. While she was in the nursery Paul went to get some food from Taco Bell, and I made a few phone calls. I called my mom to let her know that we had the baby and all was well, however all I could do was cry. Sorry mom!! There was nothing wrong, I blame it on hormones. Paul left to come home to get Nathan, Kayla, and Emily to bed and to go to bed himself. Paul did great holding my hand and taking care of me. Thank You Paul!! Madeline stayed in the room with me from about 8:30PM until 10:30PM then she went to the nursery so I could sleep a little bit and was brought back into the room every 3 hours to eat. I think that was the best part about those two nights in the hospital, the fact that if I needed to there was always the nursery that I could send Madeline to so I could get a break!! It was an eventful day and I am happy to say it is all over!!!
Karen at 8:00AM

Welcome Baby Maddie!!

Dad and Madeline

Karen and Madeline Grace

The end to day 1....

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