Friday, July 18, 2008

Nesting or Not???

Today I awoke with Emily at 6:45, which I am kind of sad about as there were no swimming lessons today and I could have slept until 8:00AM. So we started the morning with cleaning the kitchen floor and finishing the laundry I started last night. Nathan was the next one awake and he was ready for breakfast. While Nathan and Emily ate their breakfast there was a loud sound of a chain saw. We look out the window and there are 2 men in the neighbor’s trees cutting and trimming them up. Kayla was soon down to see all of the excitement and then it was off to Nathan's room to watch them throw the tree limbs into the shredder. While the kids were entertained with all of this I cleaned the master bathroom and the kid’s bathroom upstairs. Then I jumped into the shower. We soon made our way out to the front yard where Nathan, Jake and JT had a water gun fight and Kayla and Emily painted the concrete with water. More of the water ended up on Emily than on the concrete, but they all had a good time and ended up wet. Finally it was lunch time so everyone went to their own homes for lunch. After lunch Nathan, Emily and Kayla played upstairs while I ironed Paul's work shirts, yes this took a little over and hour with a few interruptions from the kids. Emily took her nap and Kayla remained awake. Once the shirts were done it was time to finish cleaning the kitchen all countertops were cleaned the microwave, and outside of the refrigerator (it is stainless steel). Nathan had the neighborhood boys over and in between breaking up squabbles I managed to tidy up downstairs, play with Emily (Kayla like to play with the boys), finished washing all of the towels and water a few plants. Paul made it home and made it to the outside. After cleaning up fallen branches, pinecones and sweeping the back porch I drug the lawnmower to the back yard and started mowing. Paul said he would cut the grass, but would not argue with me if I wanted to do it. So, while he played with the kids and warmed up leftovers for dinner I was able to get 75% of the back yard done. After our dinner we cleaned up the kitchen and then it was time for me to finish the backyard. For those of you who do not know, it takes anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours to mow our backyard. It was then time to water a few more flowers, Paul to play baseball with Nathan and Jake and for Kayla and Emily to play in the water. I do not know if you would call all of my housework nesting, or just getting the housework done? I do know that it is about to chime 10:00PM and I have finished my bowl of ice cream, so I will say goodnight for now and hope to post some at a later time.

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