Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Santa was a little late...

Today the kids received there finally gift, kind of fitting that today is epiphany. Paula and I gave them a play fort/swing set. Today was a rainy day so it was interesting when the kids came home from school and saw it. They were sooo excited and could not wait to play on it. The OCD/perfectionistin me just wanted them to stay off of it and not get it dirty, because then it would no longer be perfect! I gave in, thought about rationally and they had a good time getting muddy feet and mud all over the steps, slide, well, everywhere. I think they are going to enjoy it and it will be a gift that will be used for MANY years to come. Emily loved the swing and did not like to share it, especially with Kayla's baby doll, Ava.

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  1. Way cool - do they make one for grown-ups? I would totally okay on it if they did.