Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Where to start with this little girl, just a few minutes ago she brought me a toilet paper roll, an empty one. The first thought that came to my mind was which toilet is going to be stopped up now, thinking she took all of the toilet paper off of the roll and put it in the toilet. Then I realised she could not get the empty roll off of the holder, so she she must have gotten the roll out of the trash. This was the case, but she also pulled the paper off of the roll in one of the bathrooms and filled the toilet with that as well. Result 2 empty toilet paper rolls!!
For Christmas Kayla was given a camera. She has played with it some, but Emily has really enjoyed it. I guess she has been watching me and maybe I take too many pictures of them, because this is what she was doing the other day...
~Step 1: pose your subject
Step 2: make noises, in this case click at the subject to get their attention
Step 3: Get your camera ready and take the picture
Step 4: share the picture with the subject, everyone likes to look at their picture
Step 5: move onto the next victim, I mean subject!!
Being a photographer is hard work, You have to concentrate very hard...
...and sometimes, to get that perfect shot, it helps to stick your tongue out.
Emily has discovered the joy of taking her own clothes off!! She was able to put her pants on all by herself the other day and ever since then she is more than happy to take her pants and diaper off every time she pees. I guess it is time to start potty training. It is kind of funny to look up and expect to see a little girl fully dressed and instead you see this half dressed girl walking around as though that is perfectly normal.


  1. I love hearing about her! And I like the part where she shows her subject the picture. Laura does that too. Its not something we would have ever thought to do at that age. All these new-fangled gadgets!

  2. You need to post one of her shots! Love the fishing trip/shoes weekend. Claire would love to be in on that. Nathan looks a little like Uncle David with that ball cap on.

    Still no word on whether we'll be almost neighbors. We're getting a little worried. Keep your fingers crossed!

  3. ACK! These photos are too cute. I especially love the last two! She is so kind to show her bear the photo. It must have been a momentous occasion, what with him crawling...I bet Maddy is working her way towards that soon as well.
    Hope you all are doing well and that the tree collisions will be kept to a minimum!