Monday, January 26, 2009

Fishing with Daddy

This past weekend Paul took Nathan fishing. They went about 3 hours North of here to a friends lake house to fish and do manly things. They left Saturday morning and got back on Sunday afternoon. I have been told it was a good time, they chopped wood, swung in a tire swing, and of course FISHED!! Nathan was asked to help drive the boat, which he accepted. He caught the second biggest fish (according to Nathan, but at the weigh in his fish and the other fish were tied for weight and length). He had a really good time and took a picture of his fish to school on Monday to show all of his friends. The story goes, he wanted to get his fish mounted, but Paul told him that it was not going to happen and they only way to calm his sadness, was that he took a picture of Nathan with his fish that Paul promised to give him a copy of.
The BIG One
While the boys were gone we girls went shopping for clothes and new shoes for Kayla, which are pink, and just played at the house. We went to PetsMart to look at the cats they had for adoption. There were no kittens only adult cats and they were all the orange tabby cats or they were black and white. Not a very big variety. It was nice to have just the girls and I am sure Paul would say the same for his time spent with just he and Nathan.

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