Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mirror, Miror

Madeline loves to look at herself in the mirror, but yesterday after I took one picture of her, she just wanted to look at the camera and pose for pictures, I was able to get a few cute ones. She is such a happy little girl . We have started her on solid foods, so far just rice, but this week will be full of various firsts. She is doing well and will eat an entire bowl with no issues. Yesterday she started to roll ALL over the place until she came to a wall, chair, or other obstacle (she can only roll to the right) then she would cry for someone to move her away from whatever it was that was hindering her forward progression. She is getting soo close to sitting by herself, another week or two...
So excited to see herself... Whoa, where did you come from??
Hey, I know you!
Giving kisses to herself, yes, she did lick the mirror.

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  1. Love all the new photos! Everyone looks so grown up! Annie is looking forward to playing on your swingset. Is it shorts weather there -- or polarfleece?